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Irish, English, Gordon Setters

LJ Community for Setter Lovers

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A community for people who love Setters. Talk about your dogs, post photos, share funny stories - anything about English, Irish, Red, Gordon, and Irish Red and White Setters.

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1. Any kind of chat, questions or discussions about setters or setter mixes is great. So are photos. We love photos!

2. Please put more than 1 photo under an LJ cut.

3. Please put any distressing material (ie. calls for action against puppy mills) under an LJ cut.

4. This community is pro-spay-and-neuter, and pro-positive-training-methods. No promotion of shock collars.

5. It's okay to promote your community (no more than once a month) if it's related to dogs in general, or breeds related to Setters.

6. This is a community for chatting, enjoyment, and posting photos, not for arguing or flaming. Since Setters are gun dogs, there may be posts relating to hunting. This isn't the place for animal rights debates, please.