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Fri, Mar. 20th, 2009, 02:29 pm

Quick Question: What is the best way to introduce a second dog into our home?

Duka is two years old, four months, an Irish Setter. He's not a very dominant dog, excitable, but definitely passive. He's very social, loves Petsmart just for the opportunity to meet and greet other dogs. We've never witnessed him growl or be aggressive toward any dogs, including ones who snap at him (like big ones who look like they'd growl at anything). He regularly visits my parents two yellow labs, & my cousin's golden (often all at the same time - see video below) and gets along very well with them.

The second dog is another purebred Irish Setter, he just turned two years old, and he is also male. This situation cropped up only this week and we're arranging a meeting tomorrow. We've heard that it's best they not meet on Duka's turf so once the owner arrives with the dog, we'd wait, bring Duka outside and have them meet on the street, maybe for a little walk or something, before letting the dog inside. This dog is also very social, excitable, and affectionate. He was rehomed once before this, on account of people not knowing the breed. When he first met the neighbours dog he apparently lay on his back, in a very submissive position. This is a picture of him:

His name is Murphy.

And one of Duka, for good measure:

Are there any tips or things we should be aware of when introducing the two dogs together? What's the best way to achieve a harmonious first introduction? And steps we should take immediately afterward? We already heard about putting the toys away so that Duka doesn't feel possessive over them. The breeds, knowing the breed, and the temperament is a huge advantage going in, we just don't want a fight to ensue or anything.

Here's the clip of him with my parents' labs & golden. Two males, one female. He did hump Daisy (the female) once or twice when he was younger, pre-neuter. But even when he wasn't neutered he wasn't aggressive with other males etc.

And another of some off-leash fun @ the park from last Summer. . .